} ed sheeran's "perfect" / "perfect symphony" is stuck in my head

the recent years are starting to meld into one another (like a braid formed with poorly developed dough) so I thought I should try to be more diligent at journalling.

as I type I am waiting for some sourdough challah buns to cook in the oven.

have now just removed the small rolls. They look and feel good. Just giving the big braided loaf a couple more minutes in the oven...

Why am I always shrouded with doubt towards the end of the year? It's the whole mood for reflection, it's not good for me.

I know what I should be doing. I should be learning to be more... gracious. Get away from the whole know-it-all act... Instead, embrace the fact that I do not know everything, and that for the things that I do know, it is not to my credit. Acknowledge that I just... I just don't have all the answers.

but even as a clueless idiot, I'm just. Trying my best.

2017-12-25, 1:26 p.m..
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