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i decided to add a links page because if you are here you are probably feeling bored, and there are many places out there that will satisfy your boredom much better than this rambly blog ever will.
and because my current minimalist/lazy blog layout will not accommodate its own links section.

last updated: 20 march 2010

blogs i read

this is a place where yvonne, suhui and i semi-regularly post about things we are grateful for.

suhui has a great ability to describe almost anything poetically, and also dabbles quite well in photography. both of these make her entries a good read.

glory is currently studying in an art school in the US. plenty of art and plenty of adventure is always a good combo.

i don't think juns actually updates her blog anymore, but i visit occasionally and remind myself that i have a ukemo song to write. ukemo is a combination of 'uke' and 'emo'. it is an entirely new genre of emo songs played on the ukulele which will take on the world by storm in the next decade, and i will be at the forefront of it.

esther posts photos with snippets of text, which is good for people with short attention spans like me.

emmy cicierega
emmy is co-creator of Potter Puppet Pals, her livejournal is full of nice music and wondrous drawings and hilarious doodles that sometimes have me biting my lip to keep from laughing during class.

regular visits

the sartorialist
everybody should read the sartorialist. actually i think everybody already does.

retro thing
i have yet to share this gem with anyone and it is about time that i stop being selfish. the site posts about, well, retro things, and will give you instant flashbacks of things you had in your childhood, or wish you had in your childhood... (posts on cameras are particularly drool-worthy)

smitten kitchen
the woman who maintains smitten kitchen is also called Deb, the difference is that she is fabulous at cooking.

made in england (by gentlemen)
posts on graphics, art and generally awesome things by an english gentleman. or not. i dont actually know.

notcot keeps me occupied with its numerous sections on arty things, cool gadgety/lifestyle things, drinks, and fashion.

worth a visit

fifa worldcup 2010
this is where you find out news and stuff about the single most important event of 2010.

matthew gray gubler
mgg was first introduced to me by suhui who proclaimed its awesomeness because it consisted of one single webpage with images posted on top of one another for the sole reason that gubler didn't know any html. now it is upgraded with a flash homepage but the single-blog-webpage is still available, and it plays 'annabel lee' by edgar allan poe when you visit!

fasco cs
home of the crimson room and other awesome locked room games!!

days with my father
photograph collection by Philip Toledano. i love it no matter how many times i've seen it.

this is the home of the spider-drawing-to-pay-bills story. and more works of annoyance by David Thorne.

always a favourite since the days of computer classes in secondary school...

kt tunstall
kt is one of my favourite musicians. i declare her site also one of my favourites. her diary is very funny.

jason mraz
jason is also one of my favourite musicians. he also has an awesome site with himself narrating. (turn-off-able if it gets annoying)

this is why you're fat
sometimes it's gross, sometimes weirdly appetising.

more to come, always. i find new sites/blogs sometimes but i will certify their awesomeness first before posting it here.

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