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I'm out almost as soon as I come in. Morning appointments tend to be hectic, because I don't like heading straight to an appointment from home. This time it was also because I had a few more things to bring back to the office from home -- from the scramble of the h&w move. And the delay was not so much because of any slowness in preparing documents, for example.

I was hungry. Starving. I had made the terrible mistake of not eating before heading to Queen Street -- I felt too tired for that. I had soup when I finally got home but clearly that was not enough to tide me until the morning. Should have gulped some milk or something.

My last time (ever, possibly?) heading to a prison interview. And sad to say that I am late. But I have a goal in mind by the end of today, so hopefully that will be enough.


I'm a wreck. I am more than ready to let go of everything, except this poor old man. He looked back while waiting to be escorted out and waved goodbye and that just about did it for me.


I had to face straightaway the anxiety of a family attending a mention for the first time, and I was late to boot because, like I had warned my boss, the timing would be tight. I was only going to be slightly late but this was no doubt an insurmountable issue for an extremely anxious family.

It was also the old / usual court 26 judge and not the new guy that I was expecting. With this judge, of course, everything I said just got derailed and we ended up going with what he wanted. It also turned out to not be the first mention at all which left me very confused.

Fortunately, the anxious family turns out to be very understanding, and everything went fine.


Jas asked me out for lunch, which of course I agreed to although in my mind there were still several things I needed to do.

We are Korean food at the place across the road, their food is delicious although I always forget how filling their portions are. I finally told her the story of my stressful and slightly disastrous holiday.

Will miss Jas.


Managed to finish amending the draft for the most part although there was one part that I could not finish doing up.

A few last minute things that I did not, and probably should have done up earlier.

Remembered to take back my souvenir, i.e. the one piece of work that I was proudest of drafting this year.

Hoping that my current favourite colleague does not hate me when he sees my barrage of emails.

Finding that at the end of everything, there is very little resentment left if any.


Now just making sure that I file the correct form to record my cessation.

2019-08-23, 8:02 p.m..
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