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Read somewhere that it is important to acknowledge, accept and put a name to your feelings, so here I am.

After what was more or less a hangry, unproductive week, I am feeling significantly less hangry and significantly more ashamed in myself.

If I could name my feelings, I would say that I am feeling Shame and Disappointment in myself. I think i did not take responsibility of the situation early enough and I am reaping the results now.

More than anything, I feel Stressed and Confused about what I should do now. I want more than anything to rewind the clock. There was so much more that I could have done a few weeks ago, and I wish I had done them or even thought of them.

Now that I am in my current situation, my options are more limited. The sooner I can accept that, the sooner I can try to find solutions.

I need to start to make amends, to myself and to others.

2018-10-14, 6:02 p.m..
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