} comfort in discomfort

It's been an angsty few days.

In a way, just saying "this is just the way I am" or "this is just the way you are", or even "forget it" or "nevermind", is not only really dismissive and demoralising, but also a lazy way of 'resolving' something without actually resolving it. It's just giving up, basically.

It's a lot more hard work to say, "okay so there is a possibility that this is just the way I am, or this is just the way it is, but let me work through it and see what I can do. Let me see if I can make things better."

Is that going against acceptance? Possibly... I don't know, honestly. But I am starting to find that ironically, it is usually "right" when there are no easy answers. When there is an "answer", is when I have to be careful. Not that I am never allowed to relax. But I have to learn to be comfortable in the discomfort.

2020-04-03, 11:31 a.m..
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